Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Finally Some Pinterest Interest

Everyone has been all over Pinterest so a little while back I figured that since I am a major internet junkie anyway, I best check it out.  I signed up and found it confusing, so never bothered going back.  I kept getting emails that people I knew were following my boards, and I would wonder if they knew they were following...nothing.  Today I decided to go back and have another go at it.  Yeah, it guess it's pretty fun.  I can see how people are addicted to browsing the boards all day, I feel like I want to go back on there to kill some time.  It's not mind blowing, but another good way to waste time.  Though for now all Pinterest has done is make me wish I were more healthy, sporty, crafty, a better cook, and had more money.  Oh well.  Kids are napping, best go kill some more time on Pinterest.

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