Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Two Years on the Bay

This week marks 2 years since we moved out here and started our new lives.  It has been an amazing two years.  Well, the first year sucked, but I consider it amazing because we had to get through it to be where we are now.  And we couldn't be happier.  We've made great friends and are enjoying every minute of our lives here.  It's hard to believe I used to want to go back, now I know we would never go back!  We love living on the bay.

Of course, I've gushed about all this before so don't need to go on now.  But I did want to be sure I took a moment to remember that it's been two years.

Our big party last weekend was a success, and everything went wonderfully.  I think all our guests had a great time.  The weather was fantastic, the food worked out well, and we had lots of people show up.  The boys had an absolute blast, I think all the kids did.  I have tons of pictures, and if I feel up to it I will post some but I find that resizing and uploading them is such a big task that even if I start it I get frustrated and give up.  So maybe I will post them, maybe I won't. 

That's all for now, my blogging isn't very interesting these days!

Happy Two Years to us!

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