Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Big Changes a-Brewin'

It is about 1 month until baby is due to arrive.  And we haven't done much of anything to prepare.

Until today that is.

The plan was that on the weekend we would pick up the bed my dad was giving us for the boys' new room, and then we would spend all of next weekend basically rearranging the entire upstairs and putting them in their new room.  Together.  Gulp.

But then Tyler decided we should bust our butts to get everything rearranged before the weekend so we can spend it working in the vegetable garden (he doesn't get to spend time in there during the week since he's so busy with the hops, and there is only so much I can do on my own, and we still have a ton of seeds to sow and other stuff to be done).  Ok, I was up for the challenge!

So tonight we initiated phase one of operation Get House Baby Ready.  Probably not the best plan to try and do this kind of stuff in the small window between dinner and bedtime, especially when one child did not nap today, but we felt motivated to try anyway. 

Every piece of furniture in 3 out of our 4 bedrooms needed to be moved around, and my husband had to pretty much do it all with an 8 month pregnant wife and two nosey kids underfoot.  Two beds had to be moved to different rooms, 1 bed had to be repositioned in one room, and another bed had to be assembled.  Two dressers needed to be swapped.  Just general chaos altogether. 

Keeping the kids out of the way was pretty much impossible.  I was able to keep Finn downstairs for most of it, but Tristan always insists on being Daddy's helper and just wouldn't come down.  Of course when Finn did want to go upstairs and we wouldn't let him because it was too crowded and dangerous, he had mega tantrums.  Tristan was overtired from not napping so was hyper active but also prone to meltdowns easily.

What a mess!

But we got all the furniture moved, which is the hardest part.  Next I have to swap all the clothes so that everyone's stuff is in the right rooms.  And I have to clean everything because of course there was so much dust hiding behind all the furniture that was moved.

The only room that wasn't changed was Finn's room, which will remain the nursery once the baby is born.  I had thought we would try to squeeze his crib into the boys' room while they adjust to sleeping in the same room, but a small crazy part of me is thinking of just attempting the transition to a big boy bed at the same time.  I don't know how well that would go over. 

It is exciting though to have them moving to the same room soon.  I think once they get over the initial transition of room sharing they will really enjoy it.  The plan is to give the 'new' bed to Tristan and have Finn take Tristan's old big boy bed, but the new bed still isn't ready yet and so Tristan went to bed in his original bed and I'm not sure if he will want to give it up.  I guess we'll see what happens!  Tristan was really excited to sleep in the new room tonight though, so I think that is a good start.

Moving everything was such a pain but it's exciting at the same time.  Even though I've got some work ahead of me with moving and organizing the clothes, I'm looking forward to it.  I love rearranging furniture, it feels like everything is 'new'.

So I guess this is really it then, getting everything ready for baby.  Can't believe it's almost that time!

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