Saturday, 31 December 2011

So long 2011!

A lot can happen in a year, so it's not surprise when there are good and bad to look back upon.  For some there may be more of one than the other.  Hopefully for you there was more good than bad.  I seem to be hearing a lot of mixed reviews about 2011 through FB and other such mediums.

So how was 2011 for us?  Well, let's see.

The first several months of the year did not shape up too nicely.  Early in January Tyler lost his beloved Aunt Lisa very suddenly, and her passing was shocking and devastating to us all.  Within a few months we lost two more special ladies in my family, my Aunt Rachel lost her battle with cancer, and my great Aunt Gisela (known affectionately as Auntie) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the same week.

Earlier this year as well a special friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 30.  She fought bravely and her strength was not to be overcome.  I am happy to say she is now cancer free, and I hope that she goes on to be that way for many many years to come.  While I am sure she will be happy to leave 2011 behind and look forward, I'm sure she will also never forget it.  In a few weeks time I will be doing the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out breast cancer, and I will be walking (um, snowshoeing) in her honour.

2011 was not kind in other ways.  Tyler's grandmother had a stroke which she is still recovering from, and we hope for continued improvement though it is still hard to say if she will fully recover.

And finally, not to let the year pass by without one more loss, sadly my dad's very close long time friend Taeman, once again another sad victim of that horrible cancer that affects so many.

But we must consider the good as well, though sometimes it is so hard to see through the bad.  This year we had a wonderful summer, and we made a lot of new friends here.  This is the year that we came into our own here since moving.  There have been a lot of ups and downs, but I think in this department there were more ups. 

I turned 30 this year.  Not sure whether to consider this the bad or the good!  While I wasn't looking forward to leaving my 20's behind, I have felt fully ready to embrace my 30's, so I suppose it was a good thing.  Circumstances surrounding my birthday meant that the big event really didn't get to be as exciting as I had hoped, but my wonderful husband made sure it was still special for me.

Tristan started Montessori this year which was a huge change for all of us.  Initially it was hard adjusting to (I think harder for me than it was for him!), but we soon saw what a great thing going to school was for him and he has grown and learned so much since starting there.  Now I can't imagine having never starting him there this year, it just seems like the best thing we could have done.

Probably the biggest and most exciting thing for us this year, was when Tyler's parents bought their property and decided to move up here.  At the beginning of 2011 we would have never believed the turn our lives would take with this endeavour, but it has truly been an amazing blessing.  Their project to start a hops farm has given so much meaning and motivation to our family, and to Tyler especially.  I have seen such a positive change in him since he was given the opportunity to quit his previous job and work on this project with them.  It really is something he was made to do, and he loves doing it.  I am so happy to see him doing something that he fully enjoys 100%.  This project has been so exciting for all of us, and it's nice to see it taking shape.  I can only imagine how much more it will take off in 2012.

And finally, another exciting thing 2011 has brought us, is the discovery of a new addition to the family.  That's right, while I haven't made my official announcement post yet, I will whisper it here.  We are expecting another baby!  More on this big news to come.

So will I be happy to see the back end of 2011?  Well, we don't have much of a choice in the matter.  In less than 12hrs it will be gone and we will be on to the next year, full of surprise and promise.  I say so long 2011.  You have brought much sadness, and much happiness, but the bottom line is I prefer to keep looking forward.

See you in 2012!

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