Sunday, 22 January 2012

The 52 Week Challenge - Mission Statement

Ok ok ok, I didn't do this week's challenge.  Guilty as charged!  I read it, and I was really gung-ho, but this one seemed to need a little more research and thought than the previous two, again things I am not good at.  I like to be able to sit and pump something out in one sitting, not have to come back to it.  So in being true to myself, I put it off...and put it off...and put it off.  But I will admit, that I'm pretty sure I thought about the Challenge at least once every day.  Now it is the 11th hour and the week is over, and I have nothing to show for it.  That is not to say I have given up on week 3's challenge just yet!  It may still escape me, it may not.  Seeing week 4's challenge looming ahead has made me want to make sure I don't miss the last one before moving on.  I spied the word 'Balance' in the title which has caught my attention for the obvious reason that balance was my #1 value in the last challenge.

BUT, it's late.  And I'm tired.  And my brain is officially off for the night.  And I'm the woman of a million excuses.  So I'm going to bed, but I just wanted to post SOMETHING to make sure I (and you) know that it has not escaped me completely.  Yet.

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  1. hang in there!!! Don't give up - sometimes thinking about it, planting that seed in your mind is better than reading it and not doing anything at all :)