Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ok Mother Nature, You Got Me

One of my pet peeves is Canadians who are surprised about the weather.  If you have lived here for any amount of time, you know that no two years are alike and you should expect the unexpected.  Well, I eat my words.  I am genuinely surprised with the weather this spring, but pleasantly so.  Or should I say, the weather this winter.  We've had a mild winter that's for sure, but it has certainly turned into a very early and very warm spring indeed.  Here we are with still days left of 'winter', and we're getting temperatures that would be considered great for May.  It's amazing, and I'm surprised.  So I won't hold it against anyone this year if they say to me, "Can you believe the weather we're having?"

I have tempted Mother Nature and have washed all our winter stuff and put it away.  Risky, I know, but I couldn't stand having it crowding the mud room any longer.  I doubt we will be pulling out the snowsuits, and I've made sure the hats and mitts are still readily available if needed.  I'm sure we'll be using them again before spring is here for good.

It is absolutely lovely having this warm weather though and I feel as though we are very spoiled.  If/when the temperatures drop again, we'll all be complaining.  I love not having to put boots or coats on the kids.  Today they were even in shorts and t-shirts, and I was in a tank top and capris.  It's amazing, I must say.  Though I was looking forward to having less laundry to do since they're not wearing so many layers, so far that has not been the case.  It seems my children like to bath in dirt, and I have to immediately strip them down when they come in after playing in the yard or else my house would be covered in sand.  So they're actually going through just as many layers if not more at the moment. 

With all this great weather this past week we haven't even bothered going to the Y.  Partly because it's been March Break so a lot of programs have been on hold, and also because with T out of school I haven't wanted to put both boys in childminding.  But really it's been more fun to hang out in the backyard, and I find I can get a lot of my exercise done there while the boys play.  I can hoop to my heart's content out there while they're in the sandbox and not have to worry about anything.  Today I even brought my weights outside and did some exercising that way. 

I love this little prelude to spring/summer that we're getting and I hope it's here to stay.

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