Sunday, 5 February 2012

Off the Wagon

Yeah, I've kind of officially stopped doing the 52 Week Challenge stuff.  Just been a bit preoccupied!  But still so very happy that I started the first few challenges as they've helped me identify values and goals that are important to me and have given us direction!  So I'll keep my eyes on future challenges even though right now I don't think I'll be doing any.  It might end up being one of those off and on things that I do when motivation strikes.  I find a lot of things in life are like that for me.  Like I'll be all about keeping up with my housework rota for awhile and then suddenly fall off the wagon and just do the bare minimum to get by.  I am the same with blogging too.  I'll go through stages where I keep up with my blogs religiously, then ages will go by where I'm not interested in writing a thing.  Such is life, and that's ok!

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