Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pregnant Hula Hooping


I don't look like this.  I wish I did, but not even close.  First of all, I'm not that cute when I'm pregnant.  I'm short and round and funny-shaped.  And second, I'm not even a fraction as good a hooper as this woman. 

But actually, I'm doing pretty good so far!  I've only been hooping for a month or so and am surprising even myself at the ease with which I am picking it up.  Ok, I don't have much finesse yet, but I can do a few tricks that are pretty cool.  In addition to basic hip and waist hooping, I am just getting the hang of chest hooping and leg hooping.  I can bring the hoop up from my waist over my head and back down again in several different fashions.  And I can 'walk' the hoop up my arms and shoulders and onto my neck, then back down again.  Not too bad for an amateur!  It's not usually pretty to watch as I'm sure I often look like a flailing chicken or a crazy penguin, but I can work on being pretty later.  For now I just need to learn the moves.  There are other little things I work on too like arm hooping and isolations. 

But it's SO much fun and SO addictive, and I'm SO glad I am able to do this while pregnant and seeing videos like the one above give me hope that this is something I can do right throughout this whole pregnancy.

So here are some pictures taken at last week's workshop.  I'm 19wks pregnant.

I've been getting to the Y to practice almost every day, because I really want to get good at this hooping stuff!


  1. You certainly ARE cute while pregnant! Not how you described yourself at all, based on your pics! Good for you for finding a fun fitness activity you enjoy. :) I walked with Leslie Sansone all through my recent p/g, even while in labor!!

  2. Thanks Valerie! We are our own hardest critics, and I still don't think I'm cute while pregnant at all! I hope I can stay active right until the end.

  3. Awesome video!

    BTW, the first time DH saw me try to walk while hooping he told me I looked like Peewee Herman.

  4. The Peewee image did make me giggle!