Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Belly(dance) Flop

You may recall I was super excited to have found a bellydancing class not far from me at a dance school called The Danceroom.  Last night was my first class and I must say I was hugely disappointed.

The teacher was horrible.  Ok, she wasn't a horrible dancer.  In fact she looked like she was probably a decent enough bellydancer.  But she was a horrible teacher. 

First off she had the music on so loud we couldn't hear a word she was saying.  Second, she was rather crude.  At one point she told us we sucked (obviously meant in joke but I didn't think it was funny).  The class was supposed to be fitness based and for beginners.  Well, she didn't teach any of the moves.  She showed a few of them, but didn't explain what they were or what they were called.  Then she just danced and expected us to follow her.  It was like all she wanted to do was show off her own dancing.

She was obviously really into herself.  She put on the music and just started dancing, but the problem was her choreographies were not repetitive.  I don't understand how a bunch of beginner bellydancers (and even an intermediate one like myself) were supposed to be able to follow her movements when they weren't consistent?  I don't think I saw her once take her eyes off her own reflection in the mirror to see what the rest of us were up to.  She kept throwing in all these little moves and singing along simply to show off.

I realize that I'm not a professional bellydancer by any means, but I have taken enough classes to know how it should be taught.  And seriously, I could have taught a better class than this lady.

Needless to say I did not enjoy the class at all, which was so disappointing for me as I was so looking forward to getting back into it.  I was originally going to buy a large package of classes, but only had enough cash for 5 and thank goodness for that because I don't think I'll be taking her class for too long!

So sadly, it looks like I still haven't found any proper bellydancing.  I'm thinking of focusing mainly on zumba now.

Which brings me to more disappointing news.  The fabulous lady who teaches my zumba classes at the Y is moving away, and this week is the last week of classes with her.  They have not found anyone to replace her yet so there will be no zumba at least for the summer until they train someone new. 

It appears the Wasaga YMCA is still offering it so I might try and drive out there once a week.

Otherwise, looks like I'm going to have to search elsewhere for zumba, or find new classes at the Y to satisfy my fitness kick.

Ho hum.


  1. Oh how frustrating!

    Hey--go get certified to teach Zumba. :) I've looked into it. All that is required is a one day training that costs $250ish.

  2. I have looked into it! Maybe soon.... ;)