Saturday, 18 June 2011

Keeping It Simple

I feel very uninspired when it comes to blog posts as of late.  It is not like life is any less busy, or less interesting.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  But whereas I used to feel motivated to just sit and write about anything and everything, now I am finding myself reaching for ideas.  We are doing more things, I should be full of thoughts.  And yet I am not.

But quite simply, life is beautiful.  The weather has been fantastic.  One of the perks to a late spring is that it is not disgustingly hot already, compared to past years where spring came early and likewise so did summer.  The temperature is just perfect, and we are loving getting out as much as possible.

Right now we are in between activities where the new session at the Y hasn't started yet, so the last few weeks have been a little more relaxed without having to rush off to active tots or swimming.  We've been enjoying taking our time getting going in the mornings, and spending more time at the park or the EYC getting to know our new friends better.  One mom I have become acquainted with has invited us to meet at Sunset Point for a playdate.  Unfortunately last week I couldn't go because I was sick, and this week she was sick, but I look forward to hopefully meeting with her next week and getting to know her and her two little girls better.

Last Sunday after I had recovered from my little bug we went to the Village at Blue Mountain for the afternoon.  We had a great time!  Tyler took T fishing in the little pond, and then they went for a paddleboat ride which he really enjoyed.  After that we went to the park there and the boys had fun playing, while I chatted with a really nice mom.  We were having such a nice time that we decided to stay in the village for dinner, and had a lovely meal at a nice restaurant there.  They boys were both so well behaved.  It was a great family afternoon.

A few days ago I took the boys for a walk through the Harbourfront Trail.  By the boat ramp there was a beautiful mute swan that we got to see up close.  I took pictures on my phone but haven't figured out how to upload them yet.  From there we followed the trail through the arboretum and back again.

The boys and I ventured to Sunset Park yesterday by ourselves.  We played for a bit and then walked around, checking out the sights.  We settled on a nice picnic table by the water to have our lunch and watched the boats and the birds.  A loon was also looking for lunch right in front of us, which was nice to watch.

And today, another outing to Sunset Park, this time with Monica and her boys.  It's hard chasing 4 active toddlers around!  We tried to sit long enough to have a snack but the boys just wanted to explore, so we ended up down by the water where they waded in barefoot and had fun tossing rocks in.

I wish Tyler could join us all the time for all these fun outings.  These are the lovely family things I look forward to, and they are even more special when we are all together.  There are so many things I want us to be able to do on the weekends, and so little time it seems.  I hope we can fit them all in.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I look forward to my dad and brother visiting.  Hopefully it will be nice out again (I think it's supposed to be), and we can go out and do something fun in the afternoon.

(I have some pics from last Sunday's trip to Blue Mountain but have been too lazy to upload them.  I will post some when I get around to it, if I remember)

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