Thursday, 30 June 2011

Homemade Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream....Yum!

I have a wicked sweet tooth.  If sugar is the devil then I most certainly am the devil's advocate.  Ice cream in particular is my weakness, I could easily eat a bowl a day.  Tyler is always on my case about how much sweet stuff I consume, and I really do try to curb my demon but it's hard!

Anyways, this weekend I am on my own with the kids so thought I deserved a tub of my current favorite ice cream, PC Cherry Chocolate Chip.  Instead of obliging my request, Tyler suggested that I try making my own since we have a rarely used ice cream maker sitting in our cupboard.  He went one step further and googled chocolate chip cherry stevia ice cream.  This is what he found.

So today I gave it a go.  Ok ok, I cheated a little bit.  Instead of baker's chocolate I used semi-sweet chocolate chips so there is a little bit of sugar in there.  And at the end where it calls for pouring melted chocolate into the ice cream while it's mixing, I got lazy and just added the remaining chocolate chips.  But the overall outcome?  Fantastic!

You'd never know this recipe is essentially sugar free.  It's just sweet enough to satisfy and of course has my two favorite things in an ice cream - chocolate and cherries.  I would definitely make this recipe again, and am thinking of looking for more ice cream recipes using stevia that I can make to satisfy my ice cream cravings.  Give it a try!

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