Tuesday, 7 June 2011

First trip to Wasaga Beach

Believe it or not, prior to last weekend I had never been to Wasaga Beach.  Tyler likes to make fun of me for this fact, because apparently Wasaga is where all the cool teenagers to go party.  Having been a not-so-cool teenager, I was never invited to go with anyone to Wasaga, where as Tyler tells me all sorts of fun stories about him and his friends getting drunk there.  Huh, sucked to be me I guess.

Well, aside from driving through on occasion since moving here, I had never been.  On Sunday my dad suggested meeting there.  It was a nice enough day, why not? 

We told T that after his nap we were going to the beach.  Boy was he ever excited.  As soon as I got him up he said "Go to the peach?" (beach, obviously).  While we were driving, every time he caught glimpse of the water he started frantically saying "Peach is that way!  Peach peach!"

Finally we made it to the main beach and strip.  Drunk teenager party paradise?  I think so!  So it is true this is where they congregate when the weather is nice.

Now I must really being getting old, because all the skimpily dressed teenage girls and their male counterparts certainly did make me feel disgusted.  And to think, maybe if I had had the opportunity to go 10+yrs ago I might have thought it was cool!  But I didn't.  It was kinda weird.

Obviously we chose the area least frequented by normal people and families, though there were a few amid all the bare skin and bikinis. 

The actual beach however, did not disappoint for the boys who beelined straight for the water.  It was nice out, but not even that warm, yet they both wandered right in.  Luckily I did pack swimsuits for them as I anticipated this would happen.  They certainly did have fun wading through the waves and playing in the sand.

Of course once the got bored of it they realized how cold it actually was and got grumpy.  We quickly got them dressed then headed to meet my dad and Mavis for dinner.

We had a great dinner at Boston Pizza, and actually both boys were fantastic at the restaurant.  Got home just in time for bath and bedtime.

Despite our short trip to the beach we still managed to bring a ton of it back with us.  I'm still finding sand all over the place.

All in all though, Wasaga was hugely disappointing for me, likely due to it being over-run with young people who obviously thought they were way hotter and cooler than they are.  (Spoken like a true almost 30-something mom who was unpopular in high school and no longer looks as good as she did before having kids!)  We have a nice beach nearby here that is far nicer in my opinion, even though it is quite small.  I'm sure though that if we were to go back to Wasaga we would avoid that whole main strip altogether and go to one of the more quieter beaches, away from all the 'spring break'-like craziness.

So glad the boys had a good time at least!  Too bad though I didn't really catch any pictures worth sharing.  Next time I suppose!

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