Friday, 26 August 2011

Brilliant Meal Planning Website

So I have recently discovered the 100 Days of Real Food blog, which has some awesome ideas of how to eat healthy and avoid processed foods.  Today when I checked it out I also discovered The Fresh 20, which is a site in which you join to receive weekly meal plans which incorporate only fresh, healthy food.  I think this is a brilliant idea!  We are always struggling with our meal planning, and while we do it religiously we are constantly running out of ideas and get stuck in the same ruts.  When that happens it's so easy to fall back on less healthy choices to fill in the blanks.  For only $5/month or $49/year, this site will send you weekly meal plans which use only 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients costing around $75.  It is enough for 5 weeknight meals that will feed a family of 4.  They even have gluten-free and vegetarian options.  Almost sounds too good to be true!  I'm going to run it by Tyler tonight and see what he thinks, but I think it's genius!

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