Saturday, 27 August 2011

Exciting Family News

It's official.  Tyler's parents are moving to Collingwood!  They have been talking about buying a property up here for many months now and had even found one that was perfect for what they wanted.  It was just a matter of planning and lining everything up.  Now they have sold their house in Cambridge, found a place in town to rent, and as of yesterday, bought the property!

We are all so excited.  It has seemed very surreal up until now but it is becoming a reality.  The plan is to start a hops farm.  The plans are already in the works, and Tyler is involved.  Hopefully we will all be involved as a family.

This means huge things for our family.  It means our children will grow up with grandparents nearby which is so amazing for them.  It means we will have more family support.  It really affects how we will plan the rest of our lives here, in a good way.  No, a GREAT way.  It also means the boys will have an amazing property to visit and grow up on, and we have a place to grow fresh food for our family.  The positives are endless really.

There are no words really for how happy we are that they are moving here and will be close to us.  Yay!

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