Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another Crazy Weekend

Happy Canada Day!  Ok, I'm a bit late, my apologies.  But better late than never!

Actually Canada Day was rather uneventful here.  Tyler left to go to my dad's for the weekend on Thursday night so he could do more work on the landscaping.  Originally the plan was we would all go for the weekend, but then I realized that would just be a huge pain in the butt for me since no one would be there to hang out with and help with the kids, and it is so hard taking care of them there.  Not to mention sleep and routines get all messed up.  So I opted not to go down for the whole weekend but did decide to go on Sunday and stay one or two nights, since my dad would be home by then and we'd have someone to visit.

The boys and I didn't so much on Friday.  On Saturday we walked to the Farmer's Market which was really nice.  Didn't bother buying anything but saw lots of stuff we could pick up next time we go.  Then we walked to the main street, as I was on a mission to find the boys really good sun hats.  You know the kind that have huge brims to cover their faces, neck and ears, and hopefully a strap underneath to keep them on their heads.  I found exactly what I was looking for at Three Peas in a Pod, but they were expensive, $40 each!  They were so cute though, and were made with an SPF material and were exactly what I had in mind, so I really couldn't resist.  The didn't have the right size for the boys, only smaller and bigger ones.  I got the bigger ones thinking if I was going to spend that money on them then they at least better wear them for a few years.  They can wear them now, they're just a little big, but the straps and toggles keep them on. 

They're so cute in their new hats!  (I bought the white one for F and the brown one for T, but T insisted on wearing the one with trucks this day)

Sunday we drove to Aurora to check out what Tyler had been doing all weekend.  When we got there the backyard still didn't look like much, but I knew he had been hard at work.  There was tons of flagstone, natural stone, and plant material everywhere.  Some really beautiful trees had been dropped off and were waiting to be planted in their new homes.

It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant Tyler is at his job.  Not only did he design the landscape, but he was building it too, and in record time with minimal help.  The guy is a machine, working 14+hr days in the heat and even after dark getting it all done.  When we arrived on Sunday the place still looked like a mud pit, but by Monday night he had all the major work done.  The stairs were built, the flagstone was laid, the water feature was installed, the large trees were planted, and the sod was down.  While there is still some stuff to be done, I can already see how fantastic it is going to look. 

Watching him work on the landscaping made me miss my job so much!  I so wanted to get out there and dig and rake and plant!

While he was busy at work, we hung around the house, went to the park, or visited with friends.  On Monday we had lunch with Kris which was great, I feel like we don't get to see her enough.  It was so nice to hang out with her and chat.

Tyler worked until 11pm on Monday then headed home that same night because he had to go to work on Tuesday.  I can't believe how hard that guy works.  We stayed until Tuesday, then after having lunch with Mike, Renee and my dad, we headed back home.  The boys slept all the way home, and just like last weekend we got home at the perfect time to slide right back into our routine.  Those two are turning into great little travellers.

So the first half of the weekend was rather relaxed but the second half made up for it.  I always feel like going away for a few days, no matter how simple it seems, ends up being such a chaotic event.  I was thinking it wasn't really worth it for me and the boys to have gone down, but at the same time I enjoy getting away and seeing my family.

This weekend Tyler still has to go back on Saturday to finish up.  I feel like we haven't had a weekend with him in ages, and we miss him!  But he will be around on Sunday so we're planning on doing something fun as a family.  There is a Chili and Ribfest sort of event going on near Blue Mountain that we might check out.  Should be fun, I can't wait to do something exciting as a family!

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