Sunday, 17 July 2011

Family Fun Week

Tyler just had the past week off so we packed it full of fun stuff.  This post is going to be more of an overload of pictures rather than a bunch of writing, so get ready for some crazy cuteness!

Saturday - Hanging out in the backyard, playing in the kiddie pool.

Sunday - We went to the Chili Ribfest in Thornbury with Tyler's mom and stepdad.  It rained a little bit at first but it didn't stop us from having a good time.  There was a vintage car show which T really liked, and a hunter jumper horse show which brought back a lot of memories for me from when I used to compete.  T went on his first midway ride which was just a car that went around in a circle, but he enjoyed it.  The food was great and we had a really nice time.

Monday - The boys and I drove down to Aurora to stay at my dad's.  Tyler had already gone down to do more work on the landscaping.  We visited with my mom and friends, then in the evening the boys had fun 'helping' daddy in the backyard.  Future landscapers maybe?

Tuesday - A big trip to the Toronto Zoo.  I LOVE the zoo, and am one of those people that will cover every inch to see every animal.  Of course we couldn't do this with two toddlers, it was still a little much for them.  It was also ridiculously hot.  They are not quite at an age where they were really into it, but they did seem to have fun.  We had a good time though, and they especially liked the water park.

The otter was Tristan's favorite!

Out cold on the way home

Wednesday - Back in Collingwood, and we went strawberry picking at Fernwood Farms in Stayner.  It was so much fun.  I was worried that F would trample all the plants and I'd have to spend the whole time chasing him around, but he was really good.  The boys had a blast!  And we made out like bandits with three huge baskets full of strawberries.  I've already made strawberry ice cream, strawberry 'freezer' jam, strawberry lemonade bars, strawberry margaritas, and we've pretty much eaten strawberries every day.  And we still have a big bag of them in the freezer!


T showing off his strawberries

That's a lot of strawberries!

Thursday - Our second trip to Wasaga Beach, this time we went to a quieter and more family friendly area.  The water was so warm and the boys loved it, especially T.  We stayed all afternoon and had a picnic dinner on the beach.  Lots of fun, but the sand...oh the sand.  That stuff gets everywhere, ick!

Friday - Tyler went fishing, just a regular day for me and the boys.

Saturday - We went to Famarama at Blue Mountain, and event where they had lots of fun activities for kids.  Mainly though we just played in the fountain and in the park, which are the kinds of things the boys love best anyway.

Sunday - Quiet day at home while Tyler and Mike worked on the front walkway.

Back to work for Tyler tomorrow.  I wish every week could be family week!!

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