Monday, 25 July 2011

Fit and Active Lifestyle

Remember this post?  The one where I was down because I wanted to be a fit and active mom and do all sorts of fun stuff with my family?  Well, we are getting there!

First off we got bikes.  My dad gave us a couple of his old ones.  We still don't have a bike trailer, but hopefully soon we can pick one up so we can hit the trails with the kids in tow.  I still haven't even gotten on one of the bikes, but I keep meaning to get it out and make sure I can still ride it (I know they say you never forget, but it has been a really long time for me!).

We have been getting out a lot more with the kids.  Not doing anything particularly fitness related yet, but they are still little.  The point is we are feeling more comfortable getting out and doing family activities, so it won't be long before we'll be doing more things like biking and hopefully kayaking when they are bit older.  Definitely some skiing this winter.  We might even brave camping on the September long weekend!

But as for me, I am really starting to get into more fitness classes at the Y.  A few weeks ago I started a cardio kick class on Saturdays which I love.  It is hard, but so much fun.  I really feel it the next day. 

And today I took the plunge.  I did a spinning class!  Monica joined me to help me through it, and I did feel more comfortable having someone I know with me.  But I felt confident going in, and didn't feel too foolish asking someone to help me adjust the bike.  I did stay at the back so no one could see how novice I was, but felt comfortable being there which is a great start.

I was actually surprised at how hard it was!  I mean, I didn't think it would be easy by any means, but I tend to hold my own pretty well in new fitness situations (I'm totally killing that cardio kick class and I've only been twice).  This was a whole new ballgame for me though.  While I am in decent shape, muscles I didn't even know I had were being challenged, and I will definitely be feeling it later.  I actually spent most of the class with my butt on the seat while everyone else was up and at it.  I know today's class will have been the hardest, and hopefully after a few more classes I'll be able to keep up a little better.  I was certainly sweating up a storm, and it was a great workout.  Funny enough I didn't love it the way I love zumba or the cardio kick, but I love the idea of what it is doing for my body, and that is motivation enough for me to keep going.

I am starting to look pretty good again, and now that I am seeing the results it is pushing me more than ever to get in the gym and keep working at it.

Monica goes to power yoga on Tuesday evenings and I might join her.  There is a pilates class on Thursday evenings I am interested in.  I would love to be able to swing another spin class during the week, or a different one like 20-20-20 or total body conditioning, or even aqua fit, but we'll have to see.  It kind of depends on how often I can afford to put the kids in the childminding there.  Wouldn't it be great if I could go almost every day? 

Zumba has been on hold for the summer since the instructor left, and I haven't been able to make it out to the Wasaga Beach ones.  But I have been told it will be back in the fall, so I am looking forward to putting that back into my fitness routine.

I never used to think I was one of those people who were totally into fitness and getting in shape, but I'm really starting to get into it.  I love what it is doing for my body, and for my mind.  And I love the fact that I just feel.....healthy.  Dare I say, I'm getting a little obsessed with fitness!

So I am feeling really good and much more confident about working towards my goals and achieving the lifestyle I want, both for me and my family.  The boys are in active tots and in the fall we will start swimming with them again.  Maybe even some soccer for T.  Now, if only I could kick Tyler's butt into gear and get him into something just so he gets a little bit of exercise!

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