Thursday, 28 July 2011

Two More Fitness Firsts

I'm on a roll this week.

On Tuesday during the day I wasn't feeling that great, so the thought of going to my first yoga class wasn't even on my mind by the time evening rolled around.  I put F to bed as usual, then changed into my pjs.  I went downstairs and happened to glance at my Facebook to see a message from Monica:  "OKAY MARTINA - GET READY FOR POWER YOGA!  I'M COMING TO GET YOU!"  I glanced at the clock - 7:50.  Yoga started at 8.  I hesitated for a moment, asked Tyler if I could go, then ran upstairs to get changed again.  Just as I came back down Monica was at my door.

I'm so glad she dragged me out!  I was quite nervous.  I had never taken a yoga class, in fact the only yoga I knew was from a Yoga for Beginners dvd that I have, which I've only done a handful of times.  What was I thinking going to POWER yoga for my first class?  Monica assured me I could do it, as she hadn't really done yoga before when she started the class awhile back but has caught on.

So I just jumped in.  I don't think anyone knew I was a novice.  And actually, I didn't find it that difficult.  It was challenging for sure, but not as overwhelming as I thought.  Everything was totally doable for me, even some of the more complicated poses.  I was surprised at my own flexibility.

It was a wonderful class, I will definitely be going back.  I really felt it the next day, in a good way though.  I felt it even more so than the spinning from the day before.  I was sore, but it felt great.  And I kept thinking I needed to do more yoga to counteract the soreness!

Tonight I took another chance and went to Pilates.  Again the only time I have tried it before was from a pregnancy Pilates dvd that I have.  And again I was a bit nervous.  But as with yoga, I found it challenging but not too hard, and I really enjoyed it.

I'm feeling rather proud of myself this week.  These are all things I have wanted to do for a long time but have been to scared or nervous to try for fear of looking like a fool.  But I surprised myself not only with how comfortable I felt, but also with the ease I was able to do the exercises.  It actually felt like I have been doing these things for awhile, and not that it was my first time taking a class.

I would love to go to spinning again tomorrow morning, but I think I should take it easy (plus I need to go easy on the childminding costs).  Saturday is cardio kick and I can't wait!

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