Monday, 16 May 2011

The Fit and Active Family

I'd like us to be one of those.  That was one of our main deciding factors for moving out here, so that we can instill a love of outdoor activity in our children.  Afterall, how could you not live in a town like this and not enjoy all it has to offer?  Neverending bike and hiking trails, ski slopes on one side and the bay on the other.  We'd be silly not to get involved.

But it's not that easy!

When I go to the Y I am surrounded by all these fit moms.  I listen to them talk about their cycling marathons or discuss how intense their latest spinning class was.  I watch them drop off their kids at the childminder's then hit the gym.  I see them drive off in their SUVs with bike racks on the back and kayaks on top.  In the winter they'll trade them for ski racks.  Outside the bikes lined up all have trailers attached to the back of them.

Did you know that bike trailers aren't just for bikes?  You can buy attachments for jogging and cross country skiing as well! 

I do want us to be one of those families.  I want to be able to go on long bike rides with the kids in tow, throughout all the amazing trails around here.  Kayaking looks like great fun, and I definitely want to be a skiing family as my dad used to take my brother and I skiing when we were kids and those are some of my fondest childhood memories.

Well all that stuff is bloody expensive.  I looked at bike trailers when I was checking out double strollers, but we don't even have bikes and they're certainly not in the budget for this year, or next for that matter.  Kayaks, skis, are you kidding me?  Maybe one day.  We'll have to work up to that.

But what about me?  I want to be a fit and active mom!  Ok, I got my stroller and so you will find me marching all around town.  I pretty much refuse to drive anywhere, even when it's raining.  And twice a week I put on my workout gear to hit up zumba.  But for now, that's about it. 

The gym is not my thing, mostly because I feel lost in amongst all that equipment.  I much prefer group fitness.  I really want to try a group cycle class, it looks like so much fun and a great way to get fit.  But I am so intimidated by them.  When I walk by and peek in and see all the super strong people in there, spinning away with sweat dripping off them, I can just picture myself in the back looking like a fool struggling to keep up.  I had a wellness coach show me how to adjust the bike, but I'll be darned if I can remember how!  If only I had someone to go with me and walk me through the process, I'm sure a few times into it and I would feel more comfortable.

There is also a 20-20-20 class on Monday mornings that I think I would do well in.  Right now though we have only budgeted so that I can put the kids in childminding for one hour a week, for my zumba class (the other one being in the evening so Tyler watches them).  So it's not looking like I will be trying cycling or any other weekday classes any time soon.

On the weekends there is a yoga and a pump circuit I want to try.  It just seems like we are always rushing off to do something.  Or like in the case of this weekend, Tyler isn't even around to watch the kids for me.  Hmpf.

So being fit and active is not as straightforward as it seems!  But it is yet another goal to work towards as we build our life here.

I do look forward to when the boys are older, and hopefully we can enjoy all these activities together as a family.

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