Monday, 30 May 2011

Exploring Collingwood

I finally got myself a map of Collingwood's trails and figured today was as good a day as any to start exploring!  Even though it's not a very big town compared to what I am used to, I'm discovering new things every day.

We started off with a trip down Memory Lane.  Seriously, that's what this particular trail is called.

It was a really nice and well maintained trail that ran along a little stream.  There were houses on either side but lots of trees and plants too so it did feel like a nature walk.  Since it was an easy path, away from busy roads, I felt comfortable letting F out of the stroller to walk for a bit.  It was the first time he got to actually walk on one of our walks!  He looks so grown up.

T likes to push the stroller.  He's actually gotten quite good and pushing and maneuvering it despite it's size.  Less work for me!

Memory lane brought us to the Friendship Garden, a cute little park dedicated to Collingwood's sister city of Katano, Japan.  I had no idea this little piece of tranquility was even here, nestled right in the centre of town and was pleasantly surprised to see it open up to our right as we were walking along.

We continued on our way and came out at what I think is a museum of sorts.  I didn't get a chance to have a good look, but will have to go back and visit sometime.  This old CN railway car was parked there, which was exciting for T to see.  It was converted into an box office for some kind of theatre.

The trail continued down to the harbourfront, but unfortunately for today we didn't have time to keep going so we just doubled back down the main street, doing a bit of window shopping.  I like to catch my reflection in the windows to try and get a glimpse of what other people see as I walk down the road.

Yep, looks very mommy-like!

From there we cut through the neighbourhood, admiring all the unique houses, before heading back home to make dinner.

Another highlight - I made it through the whole 1.5hr walk in my new crocs.  I threw my running shoes into the stroller basket because in all honesty I expected my new shoes to start hurting my feet within 10mins, but nope!  Crocs certainly have much cuter styles these days than the traditional ones.

There are still so many great trails to explore, and now that I have my map I won't get lost.  The weather forecast for the rest of the week is fantastic, I wonder what other amazing things we will discover!

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