Saturday, 16 April 2011

Blog Envy

Before I started this blog I hardly ever looked at other ones.  I might of stumbled across one here or there while looking for a specific recipe or advice.  But I never followed any.  Blogging has opened up my eyes to a whole new world out there, full of information, insight, and fun stuff.  It's also made me realize how interesting many people are (or rather, how uninteresting I am!).  So often I'm amazed when I read blogs, both by complete strangers but also by people that I know.  You get a whole new perspective and appreciation for someone through their writing and photography.  It's actually a really cool thing to see a blog that might have started out as someone's hobby turn into something more.  I'm in awe at the scope of some of the blogs that I've found.

I'm also rather jealous!  Kinda makes me wish I was more creative and interesting.  Other blogs seem to have 'something' going for them.  Either they are a collection of recipes related to something specific (Bakerella or A Year of Slow Cooking) , or are full of money saving tips (Money Saving Mom), or littered with proufound musings and beautiful photographs (Enjoying the Small Things), or even just random but amusing tid bits by someone really funny and quick witted (Ashleigh with a "G").  (All of which are really amazing blogs btw, so check them out!)  Those are the kind of blogs people want to read.  Not so much the mundane, day to day ramblings of a stay at home mom with no real ideas.

Still, I remind myself why I started this in the first place and it's to keep me grounded as I search for my place here.  There is something so great about having a place to come to jot down my thoughts, no matter how boring they are.  I do it for me, and for my family.  And I really do enjoy it (well, I haven't missed many days since I started it!).

For those that have been following, thank you for taking time from your life to take a peek into ours!  xx


  1. I completely agree, martina!!! I'm really enjoying getting to know my friends better. It's so nice to see that side of them that I didn't know of.

    Your blog is just wonderful. I love reading your updates. You have a real talent with writing.

  2. Thank you Sarah! I don't think my writing is very good (it has been a long time since it has been put to use!), but I am enjoying the challenge that comes with having to think about what to write. :)