Monday, 18 April 2011

So much to do, So little time to procrasinate....

F's birthday is in T-11 days and my list of things to get done is still quite long.  And yet here I sit while the boys nap, with a cup of decaf and a cupcake staring me down, instead of doing anything that needs to be done.  Why?  Well, I figure no point in doing too much this week as it will all just be a mess by next week and will have to be done all over again.  Written like a true procrastinator.

I realize that it's not likely our guests will notice all the tiny little things that I want to clean, but hosting a party is a good reason to do them.  Otherwise the dark corners of the house may never get cleaned.

So let's see here.  We need to:
*clean the mudroom which includes putting away all the winter clothes hanging around (if it ever warms up that is!), organizing the shoes, cleaning the shelves, vacuuming and mopping the floors
*clean the laundry room (Tyler is in charge of the sink, it's gross!) which will hopefully be easy once the mudroom shelves are cleared and then I can move the laundry room mess there
*clean off the dining room chairs which I recently noticed are covered in sticky little fingerprints and food remnants
*de-clutter the entire main floor (how come we have so much crap, we've only been here a year?)
*go through the kid's toys
*organize the bookshelf (aka the drop spot for all the stuff I don't know where else to put); this task includes moving all the photo albums and heavy books to the upstairs bookshelf to free up some space
*wash all the windows and pictures
*wash all the little finger prints and scuff marks off the walls and appliances
*clean up the guest bedroom and finally put the bed together properly (instead of just a mattress on the floor)
*hopefully repaint the upstairs doors and frames as they are quite gross, but a good cleaning will do in the event we can't get to the painting
*thoroughly clean most of the upstairs since it tends to get overlooked and is pretty messy on a regular basis

Not to mention all the little handyman stuff I'd like Tyler to do as well, like:
*build a little shelter for my strollers, the wagon, T's tricycle etc. (we don't have a garage and I'm sick of everything getting rained on)
*fix the broken light fixture upstairs
*fix the laundry machine water output which is backwards at the moment
*spend some more time outside tidying the yard

All this in addition to the regular housework that needs to be done before the party - wiping, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, etc. etc......

Let's be honest here, Tyler will get asked to do much of this stuff on the weekend.  Not only am I a great procrastinator, I'm an excellent delegator as well.

Unfortunately we are also dealing with water in the basement as well.  Why, WHY???

I've also got food on the mind.  Well, I've always got food on the mind (mmmm cupcake, nom nom).  I mean party food though.  I've got to figure out how many people are coming, then put some more thought into the food situation.  Not to mention finding time to bake all the cupcakes and cake balls I plan on making for the party.

And decorating?  Well, decorations don't stand a chance.  I'm not one to cover my house in banners and streamers.  That's money I can spend on food (cupcakes....).  Maybe I'll pick up a few balloons, but that's about it.

I do need to sort out some party favors for the kids though. much to think about!

This is why I generally don't like hosting parties.  But I love my kids, and I love making things fun and special for them.  So in that respect, it's all worth it.

I hope some more people RSVP that they will come.  And I hope the weather turns around and is nice by then so we can use the backyard.  I'm not looking forward to tackling this list of chores, but I am very much looking forward to my Little Dude's big day!

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