Friday, 8 April 2011

A Moment to Remember

I thought tonight instead of rambling on about the day's events (which let's face it, are likely the same as most other days), I would take some time to remember some very special people we lost this year in both mine and Tyler's families.  2011 has not been very kind in that respect, as we have lost some dear aunts (both expected and unexpectedly).

In January we got some terrible news that Tyler's lovely Aunt Lisa had collapsed.  She was revived but they were unable to save her and unfortunately we lost her a week later after she was taken off life support.  This came as a terrible shock to Tyler's family and we have all been deeply saddened by her loss.  I will always remember Aunt Lisa as a fun, happy, energetic and loving person.  We have some truly fantastic memories with her and I am happy that both boys had the chance to meet her.  Here is Lisa with Tristan in 2008.

In March my dear Auntie Rachel lost her battle with cancer.  She fought bravely and lived life to it's fullest right until the end.  Every time I look at a picture of her I miss her and am saddened by her loss.  She was a sweet lady.  She will be missed.  Here is Auntie Rachel, taken by my dad and looking wonderful, only months before she passed away.

Not less than a week after Auntie Rachel's death we got the unexpected news that my great Aunt Gisela (known affectionately as Auntie) had also passed away in her sleep.  This came as a shock to us as well and once again we are deeply saddened by this loss.  She and my Uncle John lived near Winnipeg so we did not get to see them often.  After T was born we went to visit as I wanted to see them, and also to see my great grandmother so that she could meet her first great-grandchild.  Granny passed away the following year (2009) and will not be forgotten either.  Here I am with T and my mother (far right), Auntie (beside me) and Granny.

Needless to say 2011 has been a sad year so far.  Add to this the shocking breast cancer diagnosis of a dear friend, and another dear uncle battling cancer as well, and it probably won't go down in history as one of my favorite years.  Still it is time to take a moment to remember those we love who have passed, they will never be forgotten.  I wish I had more words of wisdom regarding life and death, but I am not that deep.  I can only hold their memories close and cherish the times we've had together. 

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