Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Swimmers

Finally on this, the 5th week of swimming classes, we got some smiles out of the boys!  It's taken them this long to warm up to the idea.  It's not like they don't like water, on the contrary both of them love it.  But still they weren't that keen to participate in the class.

F has actually done really well all along.  He is very relaxed, and goes about doing floats and looking around.  But he would be completely stone-faced through the whole thing, often yawning as if he was bored.

T would just whine to get out.  He'd cling to one of us and whine whine whine.  It's odd, because he never protests going to swimming, just once we're in there he would put up a fuss and not want to participate.

It doesn't really help that the pool's usually a bit cold.

But this week, progress!  T is finally starting to enjoy it a bit (there is still plenty of whining).  He likes jumping into the water, and would actually kick his legs and splash.  He was a lot more relaxed than before, not clinging to one of us for dear life.

F finally cracked a smile.  He participated in his usual relaxed fashion, but this time he actually looked like he was enjoying himself. 

It's so great seeing them finally start to come around.

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  1. Oh! What a wonderful hobby/sport you're enjoying with your boys. It's the perfect activity to lure out their appetite and get them tired for bed ;) I'm sure going to miss our pool when we move ...