Thursday, 7 April 2011

Strolling the Boardwalk

Wow, talk about writer's block.  I had it in my head what I was going to write about not too long ago, and it all seems to have disappeared.  Something about long walks, zumba, icecream, and legs feeling like jello......

Anyways, today.  Today we did a lot of walking.  Hence the jello legs.  This morning I took the boys to the park, followed up by a nice stroll around the neighbourhood.  Then after their naps we marched down to the waterfront to check out some of the trails.  We discovered a really great boardwalk trail through a wooded wetland area.  One of the amazing things about living here is the nature trails.  I look forward to checking more of them out in the future.  Well, I did try to take a few pics but they didn't turn out.  I thought I'd share a few anyway.

It was really nice being out on a nature walk, although there wasn't much nature to see yet.  Just a bunch of gulls and a few ducks.  It reminded me of my EVLC days at Seneca King.  Seems like so long ago I was in college, where nature hikes were part of the curriculum.  I really look forward to reconnecting with the outdoors.  That was one of the reasons we were excited to move out this way, so that we could give our children the chance to experience the outdoors and learn about nature, and not just the concrete jungle of the city.  I hope they grow up with an appreciation for the environment and the outdoors.

Unfortunately though, T seems to be terrified of bugs.  I know he gets this from me, as I have a really bad fear of bugs.  But I have always tried to hide my reactions from him, so I'm not sure why he is so frightened of them.  He reacts just like I do.  If he sees one he will point it out and is ok, but if it flies near him or startles him he freaks out.  This really worries me, I don't want him to be held back from enjoying the outdoors the way I am because of my fear.  I hope he outgrows it, little boys should enjoy catching bugs!

Otherwise it was a really lovely day.  We spent most of it outdoors which was just amazing.  Although it's still a little chilly and I wish it would hurry up and warm up some more!

I'm looking forward to exploring those trails more in the future!


  1. What a beautiful beautiful trail! I love those pictures. You must live in an area surrounded by beauty. I can't wait to move out of my area! I know I'll miss the convenience of getting onto the highway in two seconds or going West to Brampton etc.

    I can't stand bugs. I sometimes don't hide it lol.

    hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  2. Sarah, have you ever been out this way?? You should come visit!! It's heavenly, we can go to the beach and go walking on the trails! ;)

    When do you move? Hope you're having a lovely weekend too. Thanks for checking in. :)

  3. Hi hun!
    We went up near Collingwood last summer. We rent a cottage there once a year. That's about it :D

    We move the first of July! putting the place on the market tomorrow. ...wish us luck!